Mukul Sharma

Executive Head of the Consumer Business Unit of Neotel

"We have been listening closely to the market feedback and the launch of the service with Axesstel MV420, a Rev. A CDMA Wireless router is our response to the feedback which asked for a data product for multiple users. As with all of Neotel's consumer products, this is a wireless solution with its main advantage being that there is no need for lengthy installation items. In addition, this service can be used anywhere in Neotel's region of coverage, which means that users can open new offices or relocate existing offices in a quick and hassle free manner."


John Rindge


Axesstel MV440 consumer

"I am a wireless broadband user located in a rural area where signal strength reception has been poor using air cards. I acquired an Axesstel MV440 and am happy to report that I am extremely pleased with the increased performance. It is like night and day. The Wi-Fi functionality for the home is an added plus. I am a satisfied user and only wish I had this option two years ago. This router has been a godsend to me."


Tina Radford

Chairman, IA450 Association

"Reliability & Performance, Low Returns, High-end Design, Focused & Dynamic Business."


Brian Taney

Chief Executive Officer, GetWireless

"Axesstel's line of innovative, reliable, and cost-effective devices will fit well within our current suite of product offerings," and "Our support-based business model qualifies us to distribute Axesstel's cutting-edge products, and we have already been finding a high-level of interest in the North American marketplace."